Drip pipettes and storage boxes

Good day fellow forum members,

Recently I have been working on a project of the Renault R35 Light tank from Tamiya.
But with the painting stage I had problems, the airbrush probably got clogged when I was trying to spray paint my model.
I also did come to the conclusion that I was using up my last pipettes with that project and I didn’t even have enough to complete the process.
So I’m in need of new pipettes, but I don’t know where to buy them.
I know that I bought I believe years ago pipettes on aliexpress, but I can’t remember much more.
I’m wanting to buy disposable pipettes since I’m only using them once. Then I throw them away in the trash.
I’m also not wanting to pay a lot for pipettes, since I’m only using them once. And I believe that they shouldn’t be so expensive.
I hope you can help me out with this problem.

Another thing I want to do is order some of my stuff that I keep on my room.
And I was thinking of wanting to do it with storage boxes, transparant ones.
But again I don’t really know what to look for or so.
Shops are closed in my country for the most time, I’m depending on internet to buy them.
Here is the case as well that I don’t want to pay to much for them, because I’m only using them to keep stuff in on my room. I’m not planning on moving a lot with the boxes. Or just move from my room to our barn to airbrush there.
I’m hoping you can help me out with this problem as well.

Have a great day,


Something like this:

Pipettes Medium Size (7 Stuks) - Modelbouwenzo.nl

Or Amazon:


I normally order them here:

Pipetten - Scenery Workshop BV

But they seem to be currently out of stock

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Pipettes, I bought 10 sets, so 100 in total…

Plastic storage boxes: IKEA, Gamma, Praxis, order and pick up at the store…

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My suggestion: Get some glass eye droppers from your local
drug store…clean them out immediately after use and they will
last you forever, cutting down on the expense of having to keep
buying new ones, often.

Or get the graduated type for exact paint and thinner measurement.

As far as boxes, like already mentioned, IKEA, AMAZON etc.


Care must be taken with the glass/rubber pipettes. If you get paint etc in the rubber bulb it must be cleaned before thoroughly to avoid contamination during the next use.

Lots of disposable pipettes on Amazon


Thank you all for the replies.
When I get home I will take a closer look at them.
Why I’m also placing the question of storage boxes is that I don’t know how much litres I need for my stuff I wanna put in those boxes.
I use a tape measure to measure what sizes I need. But they all mention litre storage sizes.
So that is the actual question, are there also sellers that mention centimeters of the box instead of litre?
I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear at the start.
But I hope you can help me in this matter as well.
What I want to store in those boxes are my airbrushing equipment.
I can send a photo when I’m home to give a better idea of the situation I’m in.
Thanks in advance ModelbouwNederland

Litres relate to volume but not to shape… so a box of 10x10x10cm is 1 litre, but also 1000x1x1cm, or 10x20x5 or… whatever you want.

Get a box bigger than you need because most probably you will be adding new stuff over the time.

As for pipettes, I got a bunch of cheap plastic ones at aliexpress. Personally I do not need precision ones, and do not have to care for them if they get too dirty.

You can also use plastic drinking straws as a pipette, just be careful that you have your finger firmly placed over the end of the straw while moving from paint bottle to paint cup. :relaxed:


I don’t quite understand this one.

What pipettes did you buy on a lie press and for which price?

I prefers non disposable stuff when I can,to much rubbish,I have few glass pipettes and I brought also few small 25ml glass beaker to mix paints, very handy with the spout and I try also the same but made of Teflon, paint wont stick less waste

Me too all brouht from Aliexpress.com

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LIke this:

Thank you all for the replies.

A straw would be an actual pipette, those with a bulb at one end is considered an eyedropper or bulb pipette. I have plastic disposable bulb pipettes from AK and also an eyedropper that I’ve used for quite some time that I can remove the rubber bulb and clean when necessary, the disposable type are handy but expensive, a plastic drinking straw accomplishes the same task much cheaper. Those that @varanusk recommended are quite reasonable and I may have to give those a try myself.


Speaking of cheap, this is how I do it.


Yep, a tried and true technique, I’ve done this a few times myself. The “poor man’s pathway to success”! :wink:


I have seen this method a lot.

Not very far removed from this chimp fishing for bugs.


Hey, I resemble that remark…

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