Driver figure for Desert Storm M925

Hi All. Im building the Italeri M925 Shelter Truck in ODS and would like to show a driver figure walking from his cab to close the tailgate.

Can anyone recommend a suitable figure, brand of kit etc to use?



Any of the Dragon ODS-era figure sets would work. A vehicle driver has no different gear than an infantryman.

Thanks Gino, yes I figured that. I cant find any Dragon ODS figures, thinking the Trumpeter set would work (modern armor crew and infantry). Any sources for ODS Dragon figures?

No, the Trumpeter Modern AFV Crew and Infantry are in more modern (ACU) uniforms. You can find most of the Dragon ODS figures on eBay for a pretty good price.

This Guy on the left looks like he is walking, you could swap the arms around in the set if needed
Verlinden 552

Thanks that looks great. Ive looked at others, 2 Dragon and 1 Tamiya but this set looks best -suited to my needs.