Dear All!

Inspired by Tankograd American Special no 3032 Carbine Fortress I´m building a M561 Gama Goat (Tamiya) towing a M102 Howitzer (AFV-Club) away from the drop zone after landing. (First picture from Tankograd).

But the “towing hook” on the M102 makes it to close to the ground, that would not work outside hard surface (last picture). Would there be another “towing hook” when used with M561? Any help and thoughts would be much appreciated.

Regards Freddy

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The tow hook on the M102 was adjustable. It could be loosened, turned upside down, and tightened down in the new position so it could be pulled by different vehicles.

This one has the hook upside down.


Ah I see, thanks @HeavyArty ! So I just turn it upside down then! :slight_smile:

Looks like it will be a great diorama Freddy. I always loved airborne subjects might have to pick up those two models . I’ll be watching this.


No surprise that the Tankograd books have inspired you, they do me too, so I end up with loads of ideas and precious little to show for it.

This is one I’ve often considered but, depressingly have not gotten around to; I’ll be following this one for sure.


I’m in the same exact boat Brian; inspired by many great books, pictures, etc., but nothing to show for it lol.

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Note to self: Catch a grip! Especially as there’s a couple of shows coming up which I’m meant to be exhibiting at. Ooer.

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Yes, Tankograd books are up there with the best picture references for me also, but as you imply Brian, my own build rate could be much better! Too many ideas and not enough action from me!

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