Drums and Crates new kit: “1/35 WWII German infantry equipment” | Armorama™

Drums and crates releases a new kit of accessories for dioramas at 1/35 scale:

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/drums-and-crates-new-kit-1-35-wwii-german-infantry-equipment

Who the hell painted these. If you’re going to display your wares, please for the love of f*^%$ Get someone who can paint.

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I painted it myself, Drums and Crates is a one man business that has to do it all since he’s just starting out, when the company be as big as Tamiya or something, he’s likely to hire skilled painters.
In any case, if you want to invest to set up a large company and hire modellers, I’ll be delighted.
Thank you for your destructive comment. Being kind and polite costs nothing


Hi Valentin, are the helmets hollow? Will they fit the Hornet heads that come without head coverings?

More than the half of the helmets are hollow in order to fit with the major part of the heads. I don’t known if they fit exactly on the heads from Hornet; in any case you can lightly sand those heads to achieve a perfect fit with the helmets

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There’s some useful stuff there to fill a few corners in a diorama or vignette. Could really do with some photos of the unpainted items to see the quality of the castings though.
Also, how much and where do we get them?

If not hollow enough use a Dremel or similar mototool at slow speed.
A large round end attachment like these will work well.


HI Lazarus
Here some pictures of the unpainted items


Finally, aftermarket boots. A set of just boots in different poses would be very useful. A lot of times, kit details are soft on laced up boots, and they’re a real pain to clean mold seams off of.

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Ok Valentin, you convinced me! Take my money!
Now, how much and where from?
What Steven says about a pack of just boots makes a lot of sense. The amount of time I’ve spent lacing 1/35 boots over the years doesn’t bear thinking about! Maybe a next release?

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Hi Lazarus
If you are interested in you can purchase at drumsandcrates.com for 16,95€ (VAT included for EU Residents, 14,00€ for nonEU residents )
Talking about boots, may be a new release in a future.

Make sets of laced up boots that don’t need mold seam clean-up, in different eras: WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Modern, whatever. Do them flexed and static. you would probably have a large base of customers from that, and save modelers a lot of time.