Drying time of AK Primer

OK so I’ve been using Mig Ammo paint and decided to try AK paints. I brushed a few small pieces as a test of AK primer. (3rd generation grey). Mig Ammo dries very fast. The AK is yet to dry ‘hard’. Is this ‘normal’ for AK? Their site says up to 24 hours. Golly.

I had problem with this primer also, posted in another topic. It takes too long to dry properly.
For example with GSW (Greenstuffworld) primer, I can barely scratch it with a nail after 10-15 minutes drying. Very matte and great for my figure painting (good for armor also).
By far the best acrylic primer for me :slight_smile:

Just an update. The AK sprayed like a dream. Now doing the first top coats. Going on way better than anything I have experienced with Mig Ammo. Maybe I’ve just hit the sweet spot but AK so far has been a pleasure to work with.