Duckbill Tracks on a M4

I’m planning on building either a M4 or a M36 from the Pakistani army
I’ve seen images of their tanks using duckbill tracks.
From most of the aftermarket tracks I’ve seen, they show the duckbills ONLY being added to the outside of the track but I have images showing them on the insides in the images below

M36 - duckbill on both sides of the track:

M4 - duckbill on both sides of the track as well:

So my question is how to modify the Meng M4A3 Sherman or the Academy M36 Jackson to put the duckbills on both sides of the tracks?

As far as I can remember you can add Broncos Duckbill addition to one of their track sets of your choice easily on both sides:

You would just need to check the number of duckbills included in the set and may have to purchase two duckbill sets for that task. As mentioned: They fit nicely on one of Broncos track sets as they are made for them…

Search E9 suspension.


Thanks for the quick responses
I’m planning on using the following duckbills

wondering if there would be enough space between the hull and to track with the duckbill installed?

Duckbills would not fit on the inside edges of the track on standard M4’s. The E9 suspension upgrade provided spacers that moved the bogie trucks away from the hull, allowing duckbills to be fitted on the inside of the track as well. These upgrade kits were developed during the war, but only appear postwar, usually on rebuilt vehicles being exported as foreign aid.


Thanks again for the help
Is there an E9 suspension available for the Tamiya/Asuka kit by any chance?

There is a 3D-printed set:

And there are WWII and postwar versions of the duckbills

I’ve used this set (when it was sold by Click2Detail) and it’s good! I put it on a Korea-era M36, and am using Bronco tracks with duckbills…