Dunkelgelb: is it a Chameleon paint color?

Unfortunately, there is no real answer. Dunkel Gelb was affected by whether it was thinned with water or fuel, how long the particular vehicle was in theater, and even how it was used. All the elements of weather impacted the amount of fading. Basically, the choice is yours.


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Well said, as usual.

Thank you!
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I have yet to establish what the proper tips are at those establishments of indecent attire.

I’m not in the habit of tipping strippers. I go there for the buffet.

Don’t ask me how I know this, but at the better clubs, each stripper “tips” the DJ $100. Every day. I’m in the wrong profession,


Hummm… being paid by strippers to play music…Reminds me of “Money for nothing and your chicks for free.”…


Apparently it’s a huge responsibility - if you play the wrong song you could mess up her whole game. Can you imagine being all set to grind to Crazy and he plays Welcome to the Jungle instead?

Don’t ask me how I know this, but at the bad clubs, the DJ was usually selling crack or meth or XTC or whatever to the strippers to supplement his income…


I’ll see your Guns N’Roses (or, as we say here, Bums N’Noses) and raise you What’s Up Pussycat (?)

Dunkelgelb brought me…here?

Amazing where these kind of serious discussions can lead to.



That’s why the subject is so vexing and diabolical

Not necessarily.

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