Duplicating Trunk Spatter Paint from 1960's

Does anyone have a technique for replicating the old 1960’s spatter paint that was used inside trunks? I think the original paint material was called ‘Zolatone’.

I’m working in 1/25 scale. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


Like this?
Google zolatone and check images until you find one you like.

My first thought for replicating would be to paint the base colour and then use an airbrush with incorrect settings to get it to spray splatter instead of a nice evenly misted spray. Maybe with high pressure and too much distance to the surface so that the paint arrives half dry …

Use Mr Surfacer or some thing like that to get the texture you want. Base paint then dry brush the finish to get the two tone colours here. Then get a piece of cardboard (cereal packet is good) and put some holes and slashes in it in a random pattern - use pins, blade tip, etc. Spray through the cuts in that in a random pattern making sure you keep the same colour well spaced. You can turn the card around for different directions with the same stencil.

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Wow, thank you all for all of the great suggestions! I’m starting a 69 el Camino SS396 build, and I want to do charcoal zolatone in the bed.

One other technique is to air brush on the base color, then using a small size flat tip brush with some paint on it and holding it close to the surface, lightly rub your finger or a piece of cardboard across the bristles and some of the paint will splatter in the same random pattern as in the above picture.