Dutch Army DAF tanktransporter

Dutch Army DAF XF95 650KN tanktransporter in 1:35. The model still needs to be weathered and a lot of small things need some work. I’ve put a leo2a6 on it for the photos but eventually it will carry a Meng PZH 2000 strapped down with a set from Accurate Armour.


Tell us more about this stunning build Robert.
Scratch? Used some parts from other kits?

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About 2 years ago I started working together with several small manufacturers to launch different Dutch Army models from the 50s till present in limited numbers (between 150/250 models).

The tropco is one of those models and it will be released next month. Only a few are still available, the rest is already reserved. Just send me a PM if you are interested.

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Kits or already assembled?

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Pretty impressive looking build … looks good carrying the Leo :+1:

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This is a hugely impressive build!


This one comes as a ready built model. With enough possibilities to enhance it even more.

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I like building so buying something that is already assembled isn’t my thing …

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Hey Robert and welcome to Armorama! Great way to make an entrance! That model is impressive and so well done. The Leo is beautiful too. Outstanding work.

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I have to endorse Robert’s efforts; whilst they are ready-built (which can be a little frustrating if you want to add/modify/paint differently etc) they are beautifully finished and come with a variety of markings. I have his YA 126 which I hope to use one day to augment say, a Dutch AFV, probably a Cent or a AMX 13/105. A reminder of the YA 126:

(filched from the www)

I recall these unique-looking vehicles from my early postings in Germany where to my young eyes, they just looked so different, even alien.

Anyway, to sum up: well worth the cost, and well done Robert!

Thanks for the compliments!

Hi Robert - i’d love to buy one of these DAFs if there is one left please. Can you advise?

I have one reserved for you. Could you please send me an email on r_raamsdonk@hotmail.com with your address details and I will reply with details regarding shipping and payment.

Regards Robert