Dutch East Indies aircraft colors

I thought I posted this a bit ago but doesnt seem to made it. (My puter is old and developing Alzheimer’s.) If this IS a duplicate, sorry. Anyhow … What colors the use in the Dutch East Indies on their aircraft in 42. Especially the CW-22b. Hataka makes a WW2 Dutch set but I think they are European colors. Kora decals list colors as FS34092 Green and FS34088 OD. Planning on a captured CW-22b with the 57th Sentai (any info on the unit would help. They were a bomber unit with Ki- 48s. CW-22 as a scout or hack? Kit tail marking is way different than the bomber’s ) or T&E bird at Tachikawa.

I looked into this and the 2 colors are K86 Jongblad (meaning young leaf) and K126 Oudblad (Old leaf). K86 was there in 2 variants: 1 sprayed on when it came on site (K86A), the other in the factory (K86).
The same goes for K126(A).
This table shows the 2 colors for K86 and K126:

The underside was matt aluminium.



Bedankt. Looks like Vallejo 897 and 823 should do the trick. Now just have to go through and see if I have them handy … before I end up with duplicates. Do you happen to know how many CW-22s were in DEI in 42. Looks like 62, (36 CW-22, 25 CW-22b. But sounds like maybe the 22s didn’t get out of Austrailia. ) Plus 24 CW-21.

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To answer your question about the numbers of aircraft, I am useless. But here are a couple of YouTube presentations about the CWs. This one is part 1 of 3, and is about 90 minutes::

This one is less than 10 minutes.

FWIW, a couple of years ago some modelers were building KNIL fighters. Here are posts about the CW-21, etc. RedHand seems very knowledgeable:

Interesting, but I question the brown / green camo. Hurris , most likely. I’d think they were stock RAF paint. (needed them in the fight, not paint shop.) Buffalos, maybe. Did they get them from the Brits or direct from Brewster? Even then, if from the same line/ run Brewster may have just used the Brit spec colors. Hawks I got no clue on. The CW-21/ 22/ 22b … info is they were 2 tone green. Got them before the “ontlasting raakte de ventilator”
. SWAG: were delivered in NMF and the MLKNIL painted them with their official colors. (Dutch aircraft in Europe were close to the French colors.)

1/1 scale replica. Militaire Luchtvaart Museum. Utrecht - Soesterberg.

The same website also has a extensive page about the Brewster Buffalo.
The stated colours are the same.

And the Hurricane. These were apparently meant for the RAF, though the Dutch government did sign a contract for 100 (later 72) kites.

Finemolds reboxed the old (weren’t B339s still flying when that kit first came out?? ) and gave it Japanese markings (and IJA ground crew). Tachikawa one is two tone green (IJN “Nakajima” / IJA #21 Midori Iro and Mitsubishi cockpit green/ IJN M3 Interior Green ) Akeno School= Same. Utsunomiya Flight School= #21 green/ #31 Cha Kasshuko (tea color ) khaki. B-339 Buffalo “Japanese Army”, Fine Molds 48994 (2020) (scalemates.com) Not sure if the Tamiya kit is accurate for the B339.

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OK. Test patches. On the left … per IPMS Netherlands … Vallejo 70.897 (FS34052) and 70. 823 (FS34095) On the right… Finemolds suggestion … IJA #21 (Midori Iro) and IJN M3 (Mitsubishi interior green ) Side note: Finemolds has one option for their B339 kit as Midori Iro and Cha Kasshoko . A Brit one from Singapore/Malay/Burma as opposed to a Dutch aircraft?

The left one seems much closer to the ML-KNIL ones as on the replica

I concur.

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Got the CW-22b kit today. Knocked the wings together quick and tested out the camo. Opted for the FS call out (Vallejo 70.897, 823) from the Dutch IPMS site. Underside is NMF. I used IJA Light green grey to "over paint the DEIAF markings as I figure would have been done with captured ones. What color would the cockpit and wheel well have been. Instructions say US interior green. Yes? No? Maybe. And still looking for photos of the rear seat mg mount. (Did CW-22b have weapon or was it strictly a trainer?)

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There is little reason to assume that the plane would be any other interior color than the factory applied color. I found that the Glenn Martin bombers and Curtiss H-75A-7 Hawk fighters had an aluminium colored interior, as delivered.

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Just did some further digging: the CW-22b also had an aluminium painted interior:

The forward part was painted black as an anti-glare measure…

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That is handy. I know Curtiss P-40s used a proprietary green in their cockpits (darker than the US reg.) Wonder if it varied , depending on who the contract was for, just as the outside color(s). As for “black forward section”, how so? Just the panel above the instrument panel, under the windscreen? How about the decking between pilot and guy in back?

If you look at the picture I posted, you can see that the upper forward portion (with the switches/lamps) is black. Pull this over to the other side, and you can see what was black and what wasn’t…

Stumbled into this Tid-bit in my travels. Crash landing of a Dutch CW-22B Curtiss Falcon at Eagle Farm Airfield, Brisbane, Queensland, on 25 November 1942 (ozatwar.com)

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It shows that rank doesn’t always comes with common sense or a brain… :grin:

Was always told its the NCOs that run things. Officers just borrow the unit. As for landing with the gear up …


Of a like nature…