Dutch Leopard 2A4 question

Dear friends
Hoping to build a Netherlands Leopard 2A4.Has anybody any idea what kits available have the configuration used in Dutch service?.I e - Different smoke launchers on turret.Or if there are any aftermarket sets.The Revell 2a4 kit has disappeared it seems which i believe had the right parts.
Cheers now.

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Legend used to have a resin and PE set adapted to the Tamiya Leo2A5.


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Merci Olivier.

I have a feeling this might be the only specific Dutch Leo in town; it says “A3” but I’m not sure that it can’t be modified as necessary. I chose it for the markings and the specific Dutch-pattern smoke dischargers; it also comes with an FN MAG.:


I made a bit of a hash of the dischargers - they were a bit simplified - and didn’t angle them sufficiently, which partially explains the extensive camouflage and foliage perhaps(!)

This isn’t a particularly good pic - I’ll try and take some fresh ones; I was after a specific effect to replicate a tank on exercise:

Leopard 2 - NL

The Esci kit is still readily available I believe on sites such as eBay. I’m sure it has its faults and mine was built a long time ago.

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Thanks Brian.
Ive seen the Esci kit on e.bay here in u.k but some are silly money.Think Olivier might have the answer by using the Legends 2a5 conversion which has the Netherlands fittings like the FN mag and better smoke launchers and aerial mounts etc.Be great if Revell re.released their 2a4 kit as it had the Dutch fittings and markings.
Many thanks from Richard

There is a Dutch site where someone has been detailing a kit to make it as accurate as possible, started with the Revell kit and used Tamiya, Meng, Legend, Eduard and Perfect Scale parts and a good it of scratch work, example picture of his work:


Well, for what it’s worth I note there’s an Esci one on eBay(UK) for around 20 quid - sorry - pounds(!)

Back in the day Esci used to come up with some fairly decent kits, not least their M60A1, and I would include their Dutch Leo in the same category. Sure, it needs some work, but what kits of a certain vintage don’t?

Anyway, good luck with whatever you end up working on.

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I built the ESCI kit a couple of years ago for a 12 hour online speed build. Let’s just say that it needs help, as it is missing a lot of detail items…

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Thanks for posting.Wow thats a very detailed build.Im very old school and PE and me have a love hate relationship.Im rather heavy handed.
All the best from Richard

Hi Brian.
Thanks for responding.I might buy the Esci 2a3 and do some tweaks maybe.Im not one for mega detail and if the kit looks right ish thats good enough for me.Im sure i have some spare Revell Leopard 2 roadwheels so could be handy.I dont mind a bit of tinkering but havent the patience or skill for mega detailing.Your build turned out great.Please do post more pictures.I have a few Esci m60s and they are good enough for my needs and look darn good with some good ol modelling.
Cheers from Richard

Looks rather nice.I contacted Revell about their 2a4 NL kit and they said it sold out and no plans to reissue so my options are limited apart from costly resin conversions.
Cheers from Richard

Hi Olivier.
Would the legends 2a5 conversion fit a 2a4 kit tho.Might end up getting a cheap Esci kit to detail up.
Cheers from Richard

As requested – and I hope this isn’t seen as a thread hijack(!)

I was minded to portray my model as per the excellent pics in this book:

As I mentioned I messed up the angle of the smoke dischargers so really had no alternative but to camouflage it more than is shown (in the book):

Anyway, I got a certain effect perhaps.

I’ve just had to repair the MG, so a close look will probably show – the barrel had snapped off. I also note there’s a seam line on the MG’s top cover – what was I thinking of back in 2018 – when I built this one?

As you’ll note, and acknowledged on Carlos’ build, the details are a bit sparse; I recall I had to add tow ropes and somewhere along the line I must have acquired some etched covers for the radiator fans on the rear deck – they certainly need it I feel.

I really should have opened up the Gunner’s sight – there’s no way it would be on the prowl without them being open. It shouldn’t be too difficult to do if you wish to pursue that depiction.

The Commander figure was originally a Bundeswehr figure from somewhere; I may have acquired a head, I’m afraid I can’t remember.

I can’t remember what else I did save for the camouflage net effect using my usual method of gauze and used tea-leaves. The foliage is etch brass and takes a bit of work, but hey! I got the effect – more or less as I’d envisaged.


For a dutch 2a4 you still best can use this kit from Revell :

The esci kit is for an earlier variant and has less details…

failing all that :

can be used with revell / hobbyboss / Italeri / Meng 2a4 kits



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Thanks for posting these Brian.To my eyes your build looks good to me and love the foilage.Definately reminds me of Verlindens dioramas.Im sure i have an etch set laying around for a Revell 2A5 so i might be able to use the grill covers like you did and make a few improvements.My standard of modelling isnt in the league of all the chipping and pre shade fraternity.Im in the Verlinden way of modelling.His books inspired me from my teens to do afvs and im getting too old to change and learn new stuff.If i swamp a build in etch i get bored and lose mojo so i like mainly building from the box.
All the best from Richard

Hiya Sam.
Thanks for your comments.I contacted Revell and was told the 2a4 kit is sold out and possibly discontinued.Its the same as when the Italeri Leopard 1a4 was scarce in the 1980s and 90s.Now they are all getting re.released at higher prices.I might bite the bullet and get an Esci 2a3 and do some improvements as buying the Meng 2a4 and the Perfect scale set pushes the build up to nearly 80 pounds here in the u.k.Olivier recommended the Legends 2a5 conversion but im not sure if it would fit either a Meng or Revell/italeri 2a4.
Cheers from Richard

Thanks for the comments Richard; I understand what you mean re finishing: chipping? No - just haven’t gotten around to it I’m afraid. Pre-shading? Ditto. I do apply washes, and still dry-brush, and to be honest, that’s about it; oh, and copious amounts of mud, Tamiya Buff, and as you can see, cam nets and sometimes foliage.

One other thing: should you have the Revell Leopard 1 in your stash, it does come with a set of Dutch-type smoke dischargers, which I would have thought, would be easy enough to adapt to a Leo 2. Just a thought. In fact, they might lend themselves to scratching with a bit of effort (plastic rod, card?); you’d still need a FN MAG/GPMG but I think that’s about the only real big differences (I’m sure someone will now accuse me of over-simplifying - and I am(!)

I used the Legend set with the Italeri Leopard 2 (the early version). I don’t remember any issue. Of course the kit needs to be updated to a A4 version first.



Admittedly not in your scale, but here is my rendition of a Dutch Army Leopard 2A4 in 1/72 scale.
The base kit is from Revell, with appropriate details scratch-built (different configuration smoke-grenade launchers, and the rectangular box behind the loader’s position).


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Merci beaucoup Olivier.I have options for my build.

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