Dutch Walrus class submarine

Just thought I’d share these pictures of an actual walrus having a nap on top of a Dutch Walrus class submarine.


Brilliant! Where was the photo taken?

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The picture was taken at the Royal Netherlands Navy base in Den Helder. This Walrus (the animal, not the sub) has been swimming up and down the Dutch coast for a number of days now. Normally these creatures don’t come this far south.

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Exactly. That’s why I was wondering. Thanks for sharing!

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That’s brilliant

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Certainly not a typical scene. I am surprised the aquatic mammal is so far South but then again, too much of a Photo OP to pass up!

That’s a wonderful series, Jay! My favorite shot is that last one where it looks like the walrus is kissing his big Walrus cousin!



The housecat of the seas

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The name of the vessel is Zms Dolfijn. So you got a walrus on a dolphin. What would come of that!

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Nothing pretty that’s for sure lol