E-25 Jagdpanzer What-if '46 Dio. WIP

Hello again people, i am back. and start new dio in what-if 1946 style.
i using E-25 jagdpanzer from trumpeter and German soldiers from master box (kit 35218).
I also started making bases and buildings out of Styrofoam. but there is still a lot of work to be done, and so far this is not the final appearance.


Good start and the buildings look really nice. Looking forward to seeing some more.

This is looking great already and the buildings are looking awesome.

Maybe the volksarmee style helmet would have been issued by this time?

Thanks people. i’m trying to build something like a factory yard, the building behind the soldiers is a transformer building, but maybe i’ll replace it with a fragment of a factory or something like that. in addition, I also think that it would be nice to place something above the tank, for example, wires or pipelines run between buildings. NVA helemets is logical for What-if wehrmacht, but i love german Stalhelms (in wolfenstein young blood german still using them in 1980).
Sorry, I am working on a diorama but very slowly.

Small update. i almost done the transformer house. walls maded from styrofoam, plaster made of acrylic putty on wood, and thin metal for roof.


Is Optimus Prime inside ? :grin:

Build looks like its coming along nicely. The carved brick work looks well done as does the whole building. Nice work.

No it,s megatron,s secret headquarters. :slightly_smiling_face:
Do you think I abandoned the diorama? and here it is not. It’s just that I’m still thinking about the composition.

I made a lamppost, from a wooden skewer, a plastic profile and spare parts from a headphone.
And also made a sign with the name of the factory.

I spent some time making each letter individually.
(P.S the name of the factory is an easter egg. guess which one?)


Nice update. Sign looks very good

I want to ask how can I do it better? there are fragments of buildings on the diorama, and I think whether it is necessary to detail the interior or just make a dark wall on the back side and concentrate on the exteriors of the buildings?
In addition, I want to ask what kind of coating was on the ground, stone paving, concrete slabs, or asphalt?

Hello, I’m back in business. Almost a month ago, trouble happened to me, I was working with wood, making a bird feeder, and hooked my finger with a circular saw, half of the thumb pad was severely torn, so I forgot about modeling for a while. but the finger is almost healed so here is a little progress on my diorama.


Good to hear it didn’t keep you down long.

Wow. I will be keeping watch on this. It looks great

Glad to see you back - stick to plastic vs. wood, it’s much safer :wink:

Wow! Looking great!

Hello friends. It has been almost four months since I last visited the site. At first I didn’t have time to do it, and then, in addition, I also realized that the diorama is getting too big, and not only that there is nowhere to put it, but also the buildings suppress everything else and the model of the tank and the figures of the soldiers are lost against their background.

So I decided to make another diorama, more compact so I could put it on a shelf.

For its construction, as usual, I used polystyrene, foamed polystyrene, cardboard, and tin. The walls of the building are covered with several layers of acrylic putty and textured to give them the texture of concrete. To emphasize the seams between the slabs, I used diluted PVA glue and finely sifted soil from the garden.
But there is still a lot more to be done on this diorama.