E-60 Ausf D Säbelzahntiger and E-75 Kastenturm

Hey, I am trying something new, German 1946/47 paper-Panzer, Just build a Trumpeter E-75 with a MR-Modellbau “Kastenturm für Tiger IIB”, and a Fist of war/Modelcollect E-60 Ausf D. they are both pure fantacy, therefore my “giraffe” camo, never seen before. Best regards Kjeld Pedersen


Nice kits and really like that cam scheme Kjeld

Paper Panzers are not my thing buy I do like the giraffe came, especially on the first build. :+1: :+1:

As the tank is fictitious it is only fair that so is the camo scheme which I really like, by the way!

These projects look like fun to do and best of all you can’t be wrong. Super nice job, excellent camo. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

~ Eddy :+1: