EA-18G decals

I request your help. I’ve found this livery for the Growler I have just got and looking for the decals for the ‘Scorp 540’

I’ve just found this set, but 1/32 only.

Maybe someone knows something about that set for 1/72…


Wolfpak Decals

Unfortunately not easy to get with the owner passing away.

Best bet is to scale the Hasegawa plans and free hand.


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Ryan, what a fast answer!!

I have also wrote an email to FCM asking if they can make it at 1/72. BUt I’m going to look for that Wolfpack set.


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Finally, the guy from FMC will send me the file resized to 1/72. So it looks like I’´ll be able to make that livery!! And what’s more, I have found the FS references for the tails!!

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