EA-6B Dark Prowler by Hong Hwan Jang (jjumback) | AeroScale

One of the most stunning aircraft builds I have seen and one of my favourite films flight of the intruder from modeller member and friend Hong Hwan Jang (jjumback) and his truly stunning EA-6B Dark Prowler

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://aeroscale.net/news/ea-6b-dark-prowler-by-hong-hwan-jang-jjumback

I can’t recall what was in the movie, but in the novel Grafton and Cole fly their “Iron Hand” mission in an A-6B, an earlier and less sophisticated SEAD variant of the two-seat A-6A.



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yeah it sounds like “flight of the intruder” with Danny Glover in it.

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Brillant Model! Mine will certainly never that good… :yum: