Early morning coffee sights to see - HMEE-1

while having my morning cup of coffe i was lucky enough to see a convoy from the local National Guard go by and remembered my phone at the last second and this is what i got…

figured with the trumpeter transporter kits out theses would make some good reference for a load for the modern haulers…the local gaurd here also has bobcats, d-6 and d-7 dozers, and ive seen the m-983 haulers and the new 4 axle m-916 trucks…all transporters are in nato tri camo and MOST equipment is carc tan but ive seen some that are tri camo or just straight nato green.


Does anybody make a kit of this bucket loader/backhoe in 1/35?

I you be fast, you can get a copy of the OOP Panda Model kit.

Nice catch! Thanks for sharing. I see they’ve painted them ‘safety tan’ for service in your area :grin:

ok kit is on the way and i have trumeters HEMTT w trailer already so this is gonna happen! question though for everyone ive been struggling trying to find a good paint match for this shade of tan. I was looking at AK real colors but i cand figure out which sand color to go with. Any advice on this would be great! Oh and it’s definitely not their carc tan…looks way too pinkish i think compared to the photos.

It is painted standard CARC Tan. It is just picking up the red/pink/gold of the morning sun. CARC Tan changes hue in different lighting conditions.