Early S-2 Tracker search light 1:48

Hi all, starting the S-2 Tracker from Kinetic. There is no search light included, just the housing and the glass (so you actually can see inside it). Has anybody a good idea how to build one - I’m not really a scratch builder, so maybe someone has a good idea here?

That’s what it looks like:

Here is a link to an article with a good view of the searchlight with the clear dome removed.
Looks to me you need to start with a gimbal mount and then a reflector dish and bulb / filament assembly. Root around your spares box if you have one for bits that approximate these shapes

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Thanks for the article. Hm, yes, I will probably have to search around my spares… won’t be easy (it’s a rather small item). I saw that Steel Beach did a resin part of it, but that’s a long time ago and it isn’t available anymore, as it seems.