Early Soviet armor paint color

Currently working on a Soviet KV-1 ehkranami, I settled on a base coat of MR. Color Russian green # 135. seems like a reasonable choice to me that represents

a factory fresh tank. Mr. color is very pleasing to me, diluted with mr color lacquer thinner with no primer beforehand. a very tough finish resistant to damage, sure is toxic though :skull_and_crossbones: what’s the general consensus on this shade of green? seems possible that it is a close match. picture of restored early tank with the light green shade, maybe not the most accurate but what is accurate. seems like most folks are guessing. I plan on some mild weathering.


I remember using AK Interactive Russian Green Spray rattlecan back when i was building a Tamiya T-34/85.

Seems like a dead-ringer to the color on that tank.

I ended up, repainting it with Vallejo Russian Protective Green 4BO, because it looks too light for me.

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the rattle can looks similar to Mr. color 135, thanks for your reply. interesting subject, seems the russians were hard pressed to be worried about paint consistency. I am going to tone it down a little with pigments etc.

this shade of green presents in so many ways depending on the light source.


its fun to experiment with factory base colors.

nice job on the armor.

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I used that paint color on my Maquette T-34/76 STZ build

Weathering tones it down quite a bit.


AHA! so this is a good place to start, very encouraging

Yes. I thought that was wayyyyyy tooooo bright when I did the base coat. But after weathering I thought that it looked decent enough. I figured since it was supposedly a color used for tractors and the Stalingrad built tanks were made in the tractor factory there, it would be a good combination.

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Don’t know if this KV-2 helps, it’s pretty dirty, but it’s supposed to be real, not colorized.


it should have won an award for prettiest tank color 1941 :grin:

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very interesting, thank you. man, that tank got wacked!

very impressed with Mr. Color thinned 1:1.5 airbrushed beautifully with a 5 nozzle Iwata.

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