Early Stages of Project Research:: Stutz Bearcat Third Body style

Hopefully someone out there in Automodeler land can help me here…

So, I’m in the very early days of gathering up research information on a potential project, a Stutz Bearcat from about ca. 1917-18. Unfortunately, as far as I can determine, no one offers a scale model of this particular car.

I think there are enough similarities that I can use the chassis and suspension from the 1/25 MPC (or Airfix re-box) Stutz Bearcat Series E 1914 kit (with new wire wheel rims). There are several different releases of this kit, and, although OOP, it still seems like they can be found for reasonable prices. A starting off point is not an obstacle.

However, what would be most useful would be a 3-4 view set of line drawings / plans of the later Series S, G or H body style. It’s possible to scratch build the new body without this info, but it would be much easier if I could source some good drawings / plans.

I’ve drawn a blank, though, trying to find any good drawings of the Series S, G, or H Bearcat (or even bad drawings! LOL!).

So, aside from photos and walk-arounds (and I’ve found several very good auto auction catalog photo shoots), can anyone offer up any suggestions for research: books, websites, etc.? General photo coverage I have, but detailed information is what I’m looking for now. It’s time to get down into the weeds.

TIA and happy modeling!

If not for the 1971 TV show, you may not have even had a chassis to work with as the original kit was manufactured to represent the specific one in the series!

Good luck with your search. Perhaps if you contact the Stutz Club or the Antique Car Club of America, someone may respond to you:

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Thanks, Peter! Yea, I know it’s a long shot, but you never can tell what you might find unless you throw it out there.

As I understand, the MPC kit was indeed based on the TV series car which was, itself, a reproduction built by George Barris (actually three replicas, two for the TV show and one for himself). In the end, absolute accuracy may not really be possible with this one, and the odds a great that even if I track down some drawings they might not match the dimensions of the model of the replica.

International Movie Car Database:: 1914 Stutz Bearcat Replica

I appreciate the suggestions, though. Hopefully some where out there is a reference source with some drawings or plans.