Early war Kradmantel (40-41) colors

Any pointers on color(s) for German motorcycle troops Kradmantel s? Info I’m seeing is feldgrau but photos (if they are actual war time or accurate repros) look more of an olive brown. Collars look anywhere from black to a dark green. I’m leaning towards Vallejo 70.830 feldgrau or 70.889 Olive Brown for the coat, and 70.980 Black Green for the collar. Side note : anybody know of any 1/48 german helmet decals?

I understand that, as any other uniform part, it should be the standard Feldgrau color. Probably preserved items have color swift after 80 years.

I was looking too for my kradfahrer. As I understand it, the M43 mantel was a kind of olive, but could vary to many colors. But it was always satin or shiny, because of the sort of material

It was of rubberized fabric, hence the shiny appearance…

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And from what I have read, there were also custom made ones, which may have a different colour…

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Here is a more grayish looking motorcycle coat in 1941 original color


There is a german company called “peddinghaus decals”, I have seen a set named “uniformabzeichen panzerjäger”, that includes decals for helmets. I’m sure there is a set just for the helmets, they have a lot of products

Don’t be tempted too much by Peddinghaus.
I have one set and with those, the film is Waaay too thick. Impossible to hide.
Not to mention the complete illogical division of the decals, but that probably won’t be the case with such small decals…

Nice photo, I think I have never seen a Wehrmacht license plate starting with IK, however it seems the front mudguard is marked WH. Could it be a private bike pressed into service?
Image looks like Greece or the Balkans, in my opinion

Well, according to this site, it’s from Schlesien

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Someone said they made a non rubberized “tropical” version in an olive color. Yes? No? Maybe? Sounds like it was cotton/ canvas , for dust protection. I’m planning on the invasion of greece. Photos I’ve seen from there look pretty dry , warm, dusty. Would the “tropical” vesion have been the more likely option?

The photo that I posted is supposedly from the German occupation of the Balkans in 1941. I can’t say anything beyond what was in the caption.