Early WW2 Fire Extinguisher

Does anyone know which handle type was on early WW2 fire extinguishers (Panzer I)?

Type 1

Type 2

Wild guess: type 2 looks as if it is easier to manufacture.

Google search for images found an ebay seller selling
a Tetra fire extinguisher, pre-war model, which looked like type 2.
Another of type 1 had a much higher manufacturer serial number.

Serial number 80219

Serial number 44262, advertised as pre-war model

Edit: @Boehml Please read my text again, I got the numbers mixed up in the first posting,
I was in a hurry …

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Does this help? It’s in the Begleitwagen I, the prototype of the Panzer IV.


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Seems like David’s post has the Type 1 handle and the pre war from eBay has the type 2. Maybe it is a manufacturer difference if there was more than one Tetra plant, or they changed it somewhere in between. As I suspected, no easy answer.

The one David posted has the type 2 handle
Handle is bent from some material so the corner is rounded.
The type 1 handle has a straight round rod stuck into a holder at each end.
The one I posted and Davids seem to be bent from different material,
“mine” is from round rod and Davids seems more shaped.
Mine also has some kind of clasp or locking device which is not present
on the two CAD-images in the original post

Yes, two different styles. The Takom 1/16 kit seems to depict the style David shared, so I went with that. It may not be 100% historically accurate, but it is much more detailed than the kit part.

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