East Germany (DDR) Volksarmee T-72M1, with full interior

I recently finished this East Germany NVA’s T-72M1 with full interior in 1:35th scale. The kit is manufacturered by Amusing Hobby. The kit comes with excellent fitness, excellent plastic molding, very good design, and very good details. Only a few parts need to be sanded and refitted. There are a lot of details and movable parts. With references pictures you can make this wonderful kit even better.

I made this kit for 5 months. I added some wires inside and outside of the tank, according to the reference pictures.


Although the kit is very well made, some details are missing because of to difficult to make or because of invisibility after the model is done. As a modeler, I feel it is not hurt to always add some details.

The welding seams and beads were neglected on the chassis, So I use stretched sprue to add them back to the model:

For the rod that control the open and close of front shovel, it should connect to the shovel with bolts and nuts. The model just come with a flush end. I use extra nuts from other model to this part:


This is the pre-heater of T-72. It warms up the disel fuel and provide warm air to the crew as well. The part in T-72 has very complex hose system, which the model doesn’t have. I use copper wires to add some of those hose back:

The same issue for rear fuel tank/charge rack as well. The fuel hose is missing in the kit. I add some of them back. The torsion bars in real T-72 are wrapped with metallic blue protective paper. So I paint them in metallic blue as well.


Engine and engine compartment. Paint those wires are difficult.

The engine compartment also has complicated hoses and wires.I only add partial details to it.


Driver’s station.


The turret is where I pay the most of attentions at. This section is commander’s post and part of his electric equipment. The one in green are some electric hub. Three small pieces underneath it from the left to right are: master with control panel, intercom/radio switch, and intercom control panel. In reality, black cables connected those three in complex pattern. I have them simplified here.

I assembled the autoloader lift and other gears mounted on the turret ring. For R123 radio I drill a hole to its side for cable connection later.


This is another view of autoloader lift and installation of night sight TKN-1.

Gun breach is in. The 2 rounds of APFSDS were mounted on the ready rack. The dark green box to the right side of lift are thought to be another wire hub. I drill hols on top of it and inserted wires. The wires were pre-painted in black.

Now I install the turret ring, the wires and made it looks resembled to the reference picture and reasonable.

In the reference picture I see there is wires go underneath the cunning tower and goes to the radio and switches.


Gun breech and gunner’s post. I tried to made some paint chips on the gun breech.

Finished interior. The D shape ring near gunner’s primary sight is missing in the kit. I use copper wire for that part.


I also added wires for front headlights and smoke discharger.


I use the NVA 3-color camouflage on this model. The base color is a little off to the yellow. I use oil points and pigments for weathering effects.


Fantastic job.
Mine is half built (in the pile of Shame)
I used this 3D set on mine and found it to be excellent.


These are details of autoloader. The top cover of autoloader is also served as turret floor. A lot of loose ammunitions are placed on top of it for emergency use when autoloader is empty.



That looks awesome. Great job. I have been considering this kit. I might have to get it now.


It’s a great fitting kit.

As a conclusion, this kit is among the best kits within amusing hobby, and comparable to other full-interior kits such as miniarts as well. The overall fitness is excellent. It has workable track links, the suspension can be adjust slightly to fit the landscape of diorama. They also have excellent design that the interior can be demonstrated. Currently there are no aftermarket upgrades for this model. The oversize is smaller than Tamiya and Trumpeter so the photo etch designed for them can not be used in this model

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That is a very impressive model indeed. It would appear Amusing Hobby have come of age.

Excellent build!

That is excellent zzhao! I have this kit and can’t wait to get started on it. Beautiful job!

Yep, same hear!