Easy 8 Sherman Korean War

This is the Tamiya kit in 1/35th scale built basically out of the box. The gas cans and .50 cal ammo boxes came with the kit. The rest of the stowage is from Value Gear. The two tankers are also from the kit and quite nice for plastic figures. The Koreans are resin figures from DEF Model.

The kit decals were used and settled down quite nicely with a little help from Solvaset. Some touch up was required on the ‘mouth’ around the bolt holes on the transmission cover. Thanks for looking, comments or questions are welcome.


Looks really nice. The details and decals look really good. I like the DEF Model civilians as well. Great job overall.

Great build! Thanks for sharing it with us. I love every about your build. The civilians are a good touch. Tamiya has come a long way with their figures.
Take care and stay safe friends,
Don “Lakota”

Thanks for the compliment, much appreciated.

Yes very nicely done all around.

Thank you. I think the civilians added a bit of color and human interest to the scene. And I agree about Tamiya’s figures.

Thanks very much.


That is one really fantastic model; your figures are just spot on - I wish I could achieve that standard. Well done!


Thanks, Brian.

Great job. :+1: :+1: Built this several years ago. One of the easiest builds I ever did.

Thank you. It was an easy build. Just a seam on the turret bustle that needed a little Mr. Surfacer.

Very well done! Given the dirt road conditions, maybe more weathering around the tracks would have been nice, but that does not detract anything from this build.
I have Italeri’s Fury that will become a Korea-veteran, waiting to go.

Very sharp looking build and base!

Thanks, the tracks are dusty and dirty, just not very muddy. Look forward to seeing your build.

Thanks very much.

Hey AL! Nice to see you on the new site old friend! Love your work, always have, and this Sherman is killer for OOB. Paintwork and detailing are outstanding. The civilians add great human interest and interplay to the scene. Nice touch. See you at Armorcon 21 in September!

Hello Tom. Thanks for the compliments, much appreciated. Great to hear from you and look forward to getting together again.

Matt. Last name is Toms. Happens all the time, no worries.

Sorry, Senior Moment. Don’t know WTF I was thinking. Getting so if I go out with pants on it’s a good day! :relaxed: