Ebbro Brabham BT18 Formula 2 | AutoModeler

There are times that my build order gets changed out of expediency.  After spending about half a year chasing down my ‘holy grail’ kit, the Ebbro Brabham BT18 Honda F-2, I found one of the few Tamiya F1 kits I never built, the Lotus 25, and my LHS at a good price.  The kit was opened but complete and came from a private collection.  Since both were to be painted British Racing Green, and frankly had minimal bodywork to begin with, I decided that I’d start both, paint the bodies at the same time, and proceed from there.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://automodeler.com/news/ebbro-1-20-brabham-bt18-formula-2---in-box-review

Welcome to the super confusing world of Formula racing.

the 1st monocoque in F1 was with Chapman’s Lotus 25. The Brabham BT18 was a simple tube chassis of standard design. the kit is correct in not having any seatbelts, as I’ve never seen any pictures to prove that they were used in any F2 cars of that era.

As a side note the very 1st monocoque racing car was actually built by Saab who used it as a design study in a Formula jr car. Past that I have no idea if the car actually was raced or not.

The Ebbro BT18 is one of the best formula kits I’ve ever built.