Eduard 1/48 Fw-190A series kits

I know this may come off as a strange question, but are these kits really difficult to assemble or am messing something up? Once I tried attaching the wing assembly to the fuselage, absolutely nothing lined up. Large gaps at the wing roots and the forward gun bay shelf/firewall no longer fits at all.
Up until that point everything was going along swimmingly.

The old series really isn’t going very well. The new series is very pleasant to assemble

My post was borne out of frustration. Truth be told much was error on my part. I started work on their FW-190A-2 version and it has gone together like a dream. I went back and looked closely at a late A-7 and A-6 and if you leave out some internal structure parts it may work out fine - still stuck having to build and install the entire engine but we’ll see how it turns out.