Eduard 1/48 MIG-21 MF

OK, she’s just about ready for paint. The rear landing gear is just dry fitted here - off to the paint booth with them. Need to fill up the rear landing gear bays and get my canopy mask and attach the canopy then she’s ready. This has been a fun build. And it looks like SB has pitot tube in stock so I should get those headed this way soon too.


Looking great, Phil! What camo scheme are you going with?

“sand and spinach” - well, I think that’s an RAF expression, but a sand color with green blocks, light blue underneath. I got some decals from Linden Hill and I hope they are nice. I’m not sure about stenciling? I guess it gets the full panoply of MIG-21 stencils? Hopefully the Eduard stencil decals will be nice.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info about Iraqi MIGs from the 80s readily available. I guess that’s good and bad.

Someone asked about masking the nose. This is the only pic I took, but after I hit it with primer, so probably not that helpful.

She’s ready for decals now. The Iraqi markings should be pretty quick, but I’m a little intimidated by how many stencils I’ll need.


First layer of decals down. The decals are from Linden Hill and are fantastic. I was worried about the triangle as it goes over a piece of superstructure but it snuggled right down on it without any additional setting solution. Looks like I have some wrinkles in the number decals but given how thin these are I expect those to settle right down also.

I think I can finish these up today and hopefully I can get the stencils on tomorrow which will leave time for final assembly before the deadline.


On her feet now. To do:

  • attach landing gear bay doors
  • attach struts that open landing gear bay doors
  • attach some sticking out bits underneath that I don’t know what they do
  • seal everything in
  • attach canopy

I think I can get that all tonight. Maybe tomorrow as I’ll want to make sure the sealing is all dry.


And it is done now! I’m very pleased with the outcome. The Eduard MIG is a great kit.