Eduard 1/72 MiG-21PF Profipack build

I have cut no plastic yet. I’m very serious about getting the things on my table off my table before I get going on this, but I’m very eager to start. I did however acquire a PJ productions warsaw pact pilot that was pretty easy to paint up.

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Hmmm. Looking at my MIG aces of Vietnam book after posting this I realize they had a very different helmet. The main noticeable thing about that helmet is the sun visor on the outside. Fortunately there is a second pilot figure in the pack who has a helmet like that. So I guess I’ll go paint it to use instead.

I forgot about the subthreads until after I had just posted…

I’ll duplicate it here and clean up the original post.

The cockpit:

Left and right side walls:

And this is the inside of the rear landing gear bay or one side of it at least:

I wish I’d done the 1/48 version. There’s a lot of nice, but minute, detail. It would be nice to see it a little better in a larger scale.

The fuselage halves are joined. It was more difficult than I expected. I had to sand some of the underside of the cockpit and still ended up with a gap underneath the front fuselage which I’ll have to fill. The join on top is pretty good but there is a piece that hides most of it so that should be nice.


Looking good, Phil. I have a ton of these kits in my stash, so will follow your build with interest.

I have abandoned this and ordered a 1/48 kit. I should have spent more time working on the fuselage halves and the bottom wing fit before glueing. While I did a test fit and it looked ok, now that I’ve done it, there is some serious gappage and a big lip. I believe this is entirely my error. But thinking about the work to fix it, and thinking I wished I were doing it in 1/48 anyway, I just ordered a 1/48 mig-21. I’ll get back to this some day I’m sure. but I’m fairly deflated about it at the moment.

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Sorry to hear, Phil. I will watch out for this in my build.

Looking forward to see more on the 1/48 build :slightly_smiling_face: