Eduard Canopy Masks with Layers

Building the 1985 Monogram F-101B Voodoo in 1:48 scale. While browsing Scalemates for canopy masks, the Eduard mask instructions for this kit appear to show different layering steps. I’ll guess this is to represent the interior/exterior colors of the frame, as well as rubber gasket material.

The instruction sheet is all graphics, with no real explanation as to the “what goes where/when” info that would make this product worth the trouble of purchasing. I would certainly appreciate some guidance, and please keep in mind that I am an armor modeler by practice, so use small words and such!

As far as “layering” is concerned, the few times I build an AC, I just use a regular mask, airbrush the interior color, and when dry, airbrush the exterior color(s). When the masks are removed the first color (interior) is visible on the inside of the canopy, and the second color(s) is (are) visible on the outside. Maybe this is what is meant.
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Thanks for the response. Your suggestion is good, although not what I was asking. The directions on the Eduard sheet seem to use different masks that result in the exterior color, interior color as well as a rubber gasket(?) layer. It’s just hard to decipher the graphics-only instructions.