Eduard’s Hellcat combo, Mk I and MkII

I picked up a gem from flEaBay having made the squadron rebox of the F6F-5 a while back and have been making slow progress on this offering.

The Mk. I is in the lead with paint complete in an ETO scheme.

At a crazy time in my shop so got “real” work getting in the way of all my fun/ normal pace of 6 at a time. Luckily and unfortunately all my projects install before turkey day so I got a decent sized pin in my models till then.


Nice !

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Nice build and cool colour scheme :+1:

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Been a minute but here’s the progress thus far:
Mk 1 has oil wash and decals drying up. Mk 2 is glossed and ready


Looks good, Marks! :+1:
A bit too dirty for me, but that’s up to everyone’s taste … :slightly_smiling_face:
Have built that dual combo also in 2021.

Yeah I figured it’s a fun one to put through the wringer. Referenced this photo of the fastest tanning bed in the royal navy.


I quite like that dirty wash … and its a good ref photo as well … nice looking update :+1:

And the sister ship got a matte coat today. Almost done finally!


They finally got some camera time today!


Nice job on that duo, Marks! Well done! :+1:
Especially I like the faded look of “132”. What paints did you use?

Torsten :wine_glass:

Thanks! I used ocean grey and interior green then post shaded with dark olive drab and gunship grey all by Vallejo. Underbelly is sky type s.

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Mine looks a little different to yours but it’s from the same kit as yours … :innocent:
Have also used Vallejo paints.


Very nice, factory fresh!

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