Egypt PT-76 in 1973

Hi all, I want to build Egypt PT 76 in 1973 war but can not find any pictures. Only Syrians and IDF. Found one profil from 1967 war. Any help is welcome.

The camo is a three tone one, not two. Part of a PT-76 on the left side of the photo

All photos below show the same vehicle from various angles:

Another vehicle, notice the two tone wheels:


Great, thanks. So it is three tone.

Five if you count the rust and soot along… :grinning:

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Most probably, but I have seen two tone T-34 and Su-100 in YKW so you might do a two tone camo and not be historically off.

Star Decals’ “Egyptian Tanks in 1973 Yom Kippur War and mid 1970s” set #3 includes a three-tone camouflaged PT-76B labeled as “Israeli armor museum”:


I think the Syrians had PT-76b vehicles and that the museum one is an ex Syrian vehicle. But not 100% sure, I haven’t done my research for this tank for a long time

Looks like Syrian camo to me also.

The Egyptians also operated PT-76Bs during the YKW, most famously the 130th Amphibious Brigade that fought around the Great Bitter Lake.

Could be. In Tank Encyclopedia the very same vehicle is labeled as “A Syrian or possibly Egyptian PT-76B on display at Yad-La-Shiryon museum”.

In any case, even if there was a vehicle with this exact camo in Latrun, it’s been repainted long time ago.

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