Egyptian ASU-57

Anyone know where I can find combat pictures of the ASU-57 used by Egypt during the 1967 war? I’ve read the used them there but can’t find any pics at all. Thanks in advance.

To be honest Richard, I’m not that convinced that the equipment was used by any other than the Sovs; I’ve never seen any other user (photographically) despite the widespread view that there were several other national users. I’m sure for instance, that if the East Germans had indeed received them, there would be readily available pics, but I’ve never seen any; I’m pretty sure that pics would have been fielded in the various East German military magazines of the time.

Of course, I’m more than happy to be proved wrong - and I’m sure Frenchy will be along soon (!) - but just feel that some reports are wishful - albeit logical - thinking.

Just for the record I do have 3 x AER/Toga/Eastern Express kits in my stash, and “No” - I haven’t a clue what to do with them!


Boots hit the nail on the head. I have only seen Soviet Paratroopers using them. But as so many others always like to be “right”, it is worth deeper research

Where did you hear about Egypt using that vehicle?

The Wikipedia article names a number of countries which supposedly received a smaller or larger number of ASU-57’s

Wikipedia also claims the top black and white photo in their article is a photo of the USS Flasher - the subject of the article. It clearly (for at least two very obvious reasons) is not. Just sayin’. :grimacing:

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New vehicle for me.

According to this discussion on Missing Lynx, at least two were captured during the Six Day War. One went to Aberdeen Proving Ground and another to Canada.

The linked Wikipedia article lists 4 sources including one co-authored by Steve Zaloga. Maybe a librarian could hunt them down?

The Hobby Boss kit appears to include an Egyptian ASU-57. Color profiles of the same vehicle appear on various tank web sites. Perhaps those profiles originated from a photograph?

I have three of these vehicles like Brian does- AER Moldova, Toga and Hobby Boss. The first two instruction sheets (which are horrible) have line drawings of one vehicle in Egyptian markings as well as decals for them. Can’t remember if the Hobby Boss kit does. I have never ever seen any actual pics of them in Egyptian service. Several sources online also claim Eritrea used them in combat but again , I’ve never seen pics of them except in Soviet use. I plan on doing one in Egyptian markings just to have something different. This might be a “what if “ project .

Sorry , I believe it was Ethiopia that used them supposedly in the Ogaden war.

The vehicle is covered in chapter 4 of the book “Soviet/Russian Armor and Artillery Design Practices:1945 to present” by Andrew Hull, Steven Zaloga, and David Markov. In one paragraph it states that a small number were sent to Egypt- that’s it.

Have the same problem, colour profile but no pictures.

I must admit I feel it’s a fabrication (other use), that somehow, has gathered an authenticity along the way. It’s somewhat akin to the fiction that the BTR-50PK could carry 20 - it clearly couldn’t, but you’ll find it laid down even by such authoritative figures as Mr Zaloga claiming just such. Anyone who has the scale model can easily see that no way could 20 x personnel fit in.

As I said before, I’m more than happy to be proved wrong with some photographic evidence which surely, must exist if ASUs were in use with other nations than the Russians?

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Yeah there’s really nothing at all except the passage that I mentioned and also the missing lynx discussion Doug pointed out.

Well Richard, the way ahead is “What-Iffery” I feel; it would look very interesting in a different colour scheme I reckon, possibly augmented by a Middle Eastern-looking figure or two (Miniart? I can’t remember).

Again Brian you hit the nail on the head lol! I plan on doing it as a what if with a figure or two from Miniarts Middle East tanker set 60s-70s. Eventually I’d like to use the Hobby Boss kit for a Prague 68 diorama. I think it was Tank or maybe Stalingrad miniatures that make Soviet paras from that Operation. Eventually……

Well, good for you!

If you’re using the ancient AER/whatever iteration kit, I have a tip - although as yet unproven: the tracks look like a nightmare so I thought of using rubber-band tracks from Italeri’s PzKw 1; they don’t seem to look that different in pattern, and in any case, we’re talking quite small here. It may be that PzKw II tracks might do the trick as well, but that will need a little more research. I’m not suggesting you have to purchase an Italeri kit or anything, but was just a thought when I nearly came close to building mine(!)

Good luck with it all.

Further to my last, I note that a Canadian modeller managed to do something half decent with the AER kit back in 2013; see here:

Armorama :: WIP. ASU 57 PARC MODELS 3502 - 1/35


Thanks Brian. I’ve heard about how bad these kits are, and looking at both kits instructions side by side yesterday, it will be a challenge as far as the tracks go. I was always interested in this vehicle and wanted a weekend project so to speak for an upcoming model show here on Long Island. Let’s see how it goes….

Are there any other names this kit is under? AER Moldova, Toga, Parc (?)……it’s amazing. I know companies but molds from others but jeez!

Maybe it was a matter of buying whole companies …