Egyptian Soldiers

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My plan is a Diorama Depicting an SA-2 guideline site with around a half dozen Egyoian soldiers. This will be in 1/35 scale. My dilemma is finding Egyptian figures. I found a pair I can use , but that’s about it. I realize I will need to convert a set of another Nationality to make this whole thing work. My question is, can anyone suggest a Figure set already in production that will require the least amount of work to convert to an Egyptian set. I’ve looked around some And never realized just how many figure sets there are of different nationalities.
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much depends on the wanted positions. It could be easier to modify an uniform than a position.
I suppose that US soldiers of the '60s with Soviet helmets and weapons should be close enough to Egyptians or other Arab soldiers.

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Miniart makes a set of Egyptian tankers you might be able to use. Valkyrie also makes a set of Egyptian figures but they’re kneeling firing an RPG.

It’s set number 37098 I think. Not sure if the poses work for what you are doing.

MiniArt makes a Middle East Tank Crew (37061). They are not specifically Egyptian but included with their Egyptian T-34 (37098).

I agree that changing the uniforms will probably be the easist route. Granted, most of the photos I have show prosoners rather than fighting soldiers. The most common uniform seems to be khakis trousers, unbloused, with civilian looking shoes. I’ve seen some with sandals. A short khaki jacket (just below the belt line) and either a soft cap or a Soviet style helmet round it out. Shades of khaki vary greatly among soldiers in the same photo. I’ve converted a lot of figures usig old Tamiya figures from kits like the HMMWV. They’re skinny and you can carve detail off of them easily. For most you’d have to just lengthen the trousers and find appropriate shoes/boots.Tamiya British Army Infantry in 1/35 might not be a bad start, with differing equipment of course.