Elefant Model Detail set for Tiger | Armorama™

New product from Elefant Model, E35160 Tiger I early, mid and late detail set, with parts for 2 vehicles. Suitable for the new Border and RFM Tiger.

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This looks a stunning product for the super detailer and makes adding a higher level of detail a potential for all.

Yes, no more bending PE, which I do not do anyway since I cannot see what I am doing.

Most Tigers (about 5 out of every 6) were fitted with spare track holders on the turret.

There were seven holders on each Tiger (in rare cases, eight).

When a set is sold as “For two Tigers” then I would expect it to provide fourteen track holders at a minimum. This set apparently has nine.

I don’t know which kits the set is supposed to work for. But the editorial on this page mentions the “RFM Tiger”.
The most recent RFM Tiger has cable holders with six positions on one side of the tank, and with five positions on the other. Looking at the set I can see holders with six positions only.
Unless there are two smaller holders hidden behind the panel in this image, it’s not enough cable holders for the current RFM Tiger.


Can’t get them to answer an email either.