Elefant Panzer III Detail Set | Armorama™

A set of different items, 3D printed, to enhance kits of Panzer III J-L and N reworked from L. Enough parts for 4 vehicles.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/elefant-panzer-iii-detail-set

Hi Does anyone know where to purchase Elefant products from in the UK had a look and cannot find any suppliers?


Um, why not buy direct from Elefant? They are located in the UK…

Thanks. Do you the web site address I have searched but just get 3D Elephants :grinning:

If you do a search for Elefant models in Google it should come up as the first site (at least it does for me). The website is elefantcorporation.com

Great thank you so much.

I tried the Elephant web site, I couldn’t get it to recognies my E mail address . If you want any of their stuff try hobbyeasy in Hongkong they have the M88 tank retriver light guards

Boy, these would have been handy three months ago when I started my mass Pz III build. I am well past the stage for the parts replicated here of course. For my next trick I shall scratch a Douglas Devastator in 1/32 and get Trumpeter to finally release their kit.