Elefant TD zimmerit question

Hello everyone,

Another question regarding Dragon Elefant kit 6871, or any DML kit featuring zimmerit: Is the inclusion of zimmerit on the front of the casemate incorrect? I cannot seem to find a single reference photo that has zimmerit all the way on the front? On almost all reference photos there is either a small triangle of zimmerit or there is none at all.

Does it go all the way up on the kit? I’m guessing it’s an error. Most photos I’ve seen with clear Zimmerit have none on the front case mate.


The Tamiya kit only has it in the upper casemate sides. I can’t see a reason to have it on the front casemate. If someone is up on that part of the tank to place a mine, you probably have bigger problems

Thank you for your reply. The DML kit has the zimmerit on the front of the casemate at the same height as on the sides as in the photo you showed. So far I have been able to find references like the one you posted as well as ones that have a small triangle of zimmerit at the front, going under the rain guard.

Unless there is something I am missing, I cannot find a single example with the zimmerit covering the entire bottom of the front.

I would lean to no zimmerit there. Like you said I haven’t seen an example with it there, and there weren’t many made so it’s not like there could have tons of different patterns. If it were me I would leave it off the front entirely, but putting it under the rain guard is probably not completely wrong

That’s what I am leaning towards as well. Since it’s molded on I will have to sand it. It seems like a significant, glaring error on their part on an otherwise great kit.

Ah too bad it’s modeled in, best of luck on the removal!

Thank you for the help!

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