Elevation of Maingun T72/T80

Hello, i’m new here and about to begin my scalemodeling career.
As of right now i’m still collecting all the tools i will need but i have bought a few kits already and am searching the web for pictures and reference material.

I’m very into russian/soviet armor and i’m planing to do a T72B1 in a chechnya setting. I also would like to build a soviet T80BV late 80’s.
To my question: the kits i have and all i could find online show the maingun horizontally. I did find some pictures of both T72 and T80’s with the gun more elevated, like when they are not in action at the moment.

Something like that.

Is there a way or can i buy a kit to make that happen?
I hope you understand what i’m meaning.

Thank you for any answers and/or tips


Hi Mirko and welcome to Armorama! It is possible to scratchbuild a new mantlet cover, but since you’re just starting out I’m sure some one here will know if there’s a replacement part for it to elevate the gun.


Welcome to the forums Mirko. Like Matt said, there are a lot of Russian tank builders here who will be able to help. Have you actually bought the T72 or T80 yet ? If you have, try checking the instructions to see if the barrel is movable once fitted in the turret, then its just a case of sorting out the mantlet cover.


Welcome aboard Mitko. :+1:

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Can I just add here - and I’m sure John won’t mind - that if you haven’t bought the kits yet use the Scalemates site to check out the instructions; their reviews normally include copies of the instructions.

What I do is just prefix the model’s details with “Scalemates” on say, then just take it from there, ie scroll down until you find “Instructions”.


First of all, welcome to the forum. I have done what you’re talking about on two different kits, except that I wanted the gun depressed rather than elevated. On both kits there was no option to build the gun in any other position than level - no little plastic trunnions with poly caps like you see on a lot of kits. By the way they are the Tamiya Merkava and the DML T-72, both very old kits. For those or any similar barrel the solution is to just test fit the barrel in the position you want. You’ll almost certainly have to trim some plastic from the top or bottom of the mantle cover. Most likely the top in your case. After making sure it works at the angle you want, you’ll have to trim plastic from the edges of the mantlet cover so that when you add Milliput to reform it, it will flow better.

Edit: More than two if you count a few M48’s that had fixed guns.

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Hey, thanks for the responses.

So far i have bought The T72B with ERA, T80B and T80BV from Zvezda. They were cheap and i plan to start with them, mostly to lern and get going. I know they are old kits, not very accurate and nothing special.

Also i bought the Zvezda T62 and T62 mod. 1974-1975 for the future. For my stash if you will. I think they are some nicer kits.

I am also thinking about Trumpeter T72B/B1 and T80BV for when i got the basics right.

I did check the Scalemates Site and watched some Build Videos on Youtube. Some of the Models (I think the T62’s) come with a rubberish gun mantlet. Idk if they are flexible.

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Yeah i thought i’d had to do something like that. Didn’t knew what Milliput is. Sounds like i need to get some of that.

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It great stuff. It’s a two art putty. Unlike other putties you can add water to it to give it more workability and to just smooth it over. It can be made into very realistic looking cloth items items mantlet covers.