Elven princess

This is a 70 mm resin figure

Comments? Likes…Dislikes?
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Not my thing but it does look painted nicely, good job. :+1:

Beautiful! :tulip::tulip::tulip::tulip: :tulip:

Thanks! I like to think I am improving (it’s about time!), and am trying new, or at least, different techniques, which are making a difference. My next figure is one I started over a year ago and couldn’t finish due to eye problems. Have repainted it and hope it’s improved.
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A very eye catching piece Leo. I really like what you’ve done with the dress- the effect there is interesting- it appears shimmering at one angle and at another like a heavy woven fabric. The work on the gold is top class too- the way you have outlined it gives it a great definition and it pops out at you.

For the dress, I mixed silver with the dress color (all acrylic paint), as well as some retarder (Vallejo Glaze Medium, but any acrylic retarder will work), and thinned with water, and applied in thin layers adding very small amounts of black for shadows, and more silver for highlights. When dry, I sprinkled “pixie dust” ( Mig Fantasy Metallic Silver) for the shimmer - looks better on the figure than in the pics. I used the same effect for her dress, and the gown.
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That’s a very inventive technique Leo- thank you for sharing it.

Absolutely beautiful!

Thanks. And another “secret”: for reflectivity of jewels (or signal lights,etc.) I place a dot of Molotov Chrome, and when it’s dry (usually the next day because it takes a long time for Molotov Chrome paint to thoroughly dry), place a dot of transparent acrylic color. Light will reflect off the chrome and back through the transparent color, and at the right angle will give it a glowing appearance.
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I know that you might hate me for this for keep doing this: this is another figure that Yufan took unlicensed.

The original creator is here: NomNom Figures - ⭐Princess Zelda⭐ (STL for 3D printing)... | Facebook

The group build the 3d model and even share their building process. Buying and crediting Yufan is really not a nice thing. Yes Yufan sells the thing cheaper, because they don’t have to put in the effort.

Lovely paint on this figure. I especially like how you handled the hair

I had a Fantasy RPG character whose Bio started “His mother was an Elven Princess, his Father a Company of Uruk-Hai…”




Well, obviously Yufan had to purchase the STL file from Nom Nom , but I don’t know if Nom Nom imposes any (if at all) restrictions on their files. If it makes any difference, the Yufan copy is mold/cast and not printed. Maybe that’s the loophole: the purchaser of the file prints only one copy, but then uses it as a master to make a mold for cast copies. In any case, you might notice I have deleted any reference to Yufan (actually it is ZBBOY).
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Very nice one! Looks like a princess, indeed! :+1:

If you want to improve your skills further then look how to paint better eyes. They are the focal point of the human faces. If painting is too difficult at the moment then may I suggest the use of decals. What Scalemeate is listing. Archer is closing now, but the eyeballs might be still available elsewhere.


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Archer had been closed for about 2 weeks now and all existing orders have shipped.

So that was a group paternity suit?? :wink:
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The Hasegawa Figure Collection series include water slide decals of eyeballs in the respective kit scale

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