Emergency Sale - Resin Vehicles, Figures, Busts, Books and more…

Hi all,

I’m doing some surprise expense emergency fundraising and have a number of items listed on eBay.

They include items like 1/16 SOL Sherman, 1/16 Precision Kettenkraftrad, Nitto Krote, Warriors figures, busts, diorama accessories and MK Editions and Osprey books and more.

If you look and see something you like, please contact me direct at: engeee@aol.com

I can give you a better price that saves me fees, and you taxes and etc. if we deal outside of eBay.

We can discuss further if you are interested. I’m willing to deal so feel free to make me offers.

Here’s the link:
My eBay items

If you are having trouble with the link, my seller name is “engeee”

I hope to hear from you and appreciate your looking!



Whats your seller name… the link didn’t work for me…

I’m sorry. My seller name is


Mmmmm tried engeee but got no items…

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Strange…here’s an item number to one of my auctions. Try that…and see if you can at least get in that way. Are you located n the US? If not, that may have something to do with the woes. Not sure why, but it has happened to me trying to look at sellers from other countries too.

Try this item number: 203485522597

Thank you,

ebay link worked for me …
Screen image of the “shop”

The link doesn’t work for me, the seller name doesn’t return any hits, not is the item number… when I try searching the eBay with description of some of the items from Robin’s screen, I also don’t get any hits…

Super strange.


Advanced Search
Only show items from: engeee
Bam. 26 listings.

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