Endkampf - The Final Battle - 1/35

This was completed last year. I used the Italeri M4A3 Sherman and a Flak 43 to represent a german defence line being overrun by the U.S. Forces in the last days of WWII. I have to use figures from many brands.

Thanks a lot.


Beautiful job !

Another amazing job!

Very nice work! :+1:

Nicely done !!

I echo those above…nice diorama!


Great scene… Love the setting and the little bits of attention to detail. Lovely overall blend of colours how they all tie in. Keep them coming. :+1:

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The entire scene is just beautiful and so detail rich but the Sherman is just stunning. I love the oil staining you’ve done to alter the olive drab, it give it so much character and visual interest. The tonal variations over the whole tank are just perfect. Highlighting is well done and subtle. Weathering is outstanding. Stowage is perfectly done and color choice is just right for contrast without being too stark. Overall just an excellent model, superbly executed.

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Nice scene. Really like the trench works. :+1: :+1:

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Hi, thanks a lot for the fine feedback people. I’m very pleased with your comments.

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Nice and perfekt :trophy:

Thank you Micke_MM!

Good Job​:clap::clap::clap::+1:

Awesome work! Weathering and muted highlights and shadows are superb. I wish I could achieve such results.

What color is the middle of the drive sprocket?

Beatiful scene. Love how you made the Sherman.

Congrats for your work.

Thank you, Nahuel19431 and SF-07-18D!
JPTRR, the color is in fact some pigments I have applied and didn’t fit well. Something to work on!

Hi, great work! Especially the Sherman and layout of the trench. /Erik

One thing that jumped out at me is that those are steel tracks but only the end connectors appear to show rusting. Whether or not you favour rust on tracks of active service tanks, it should probably be consistent either way.

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Really nice scene and really a lot of work! Nicely done!