Enlarging a scale drawing

I want to scratch build a ship and I have scale drawing in 1/400 scale. How do I enlarge them to 1/350 scale, the math is escaping me right now…Thanks in advance.

Take a look here :


The increase percentage is 114.2857% BTW (or Multiply by 1.1429)


Frenchy has already answered.
Here are some further details to justify Frenchys answer:
The math is like this: Multiply with 400 to get from the drawings 1:400 to the real thing (1:1 scale),
then you divide with 350 to get from 1:1 scale down to 1:350. The result is 400/350 or 1.142857 or 114.2857%.
A quick sanity check of this number shows that it will result in an increase in size which is correct since you want to enlarge from 1:400 to 1:350.

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400/350 = 1.14285

The sense check is that if you want a larger scale drawing than you have, the number by which you multiply the existing drawing needs to be above 1.

Thanks guys myself and my future Shinano thank you for your help…

You can take the drawings to a print shop and tell them how large (what scale) you want copies. They will do the math. It’ll cost usually between $5 - $10 and you will get perfectly scaled and clear drawings of your ship. I’ve done this on scale drawings of camo jobs for cutting my own masks.