Equivalent for 507B

I’m looking for a reasonable equivalent for British naval gray 507B (WWll era), in Tamiya range of paints.
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Here’s what I’ve been using for a while, checking against Snyder & Short paint chips. No perfect matches, but imo close enough and easy enough to get/mix:

507 A : XF 50 (Field Blue) / XF 1 (Flat Black) = 3 / 1

507 B = XF 66 (Light Grey)

507 C : XF 2 (Flat White) / XF 66 (Light Grey) = 4 / 1

B6 : XF 18 (Medium Blue) / XF 2 (Flat White) = 1 / 5

B5 : XF 18 (Medium Blue)

Hull Red : XF 9 (Hull Red) / XF 7 (Flat Red) = 4 / 1



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Maybe I should compromise and mix 50/50 Tam XF 25 + XF 66! :thinking:
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Here’s XF-25 straight for comparison:

And for what it’s worth, here’s XF-77:

I think XF 77 is a tad way too dark for 507B! :thinking:
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No kidding! That’s how I learned not to trust Tamiya color chips.

It’s not just their chips; I suspect their quality-control is faulty. I’ve gotten really questionable colors out of the bottle on more than one occasion! :pouting_cat:
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Rather than mix my own I’d get Color coats (enamel) or Life color (acrylic) 507B
Color coats is available fro White Ensign and Life color from Hobbylinc