Es ist leider kaputt Herr Leutnant - Panzer IV Ausf C Mined

a small scene is provided to show the damaged Panzer IV Ausf. C. With it’s final drive and right track disabled by a mine explosion. The crew, with some repair company mechanics aid, are trying to put the beast back on the line. Some essential parts have been destroyed and nothing can be done without the proper spares. It seems that’s what exactly the chief mechanic is trying to explain to the Lieutnant.
The Panzer IV is a Dragon Kit with the transmission and driver’s compartment from Trumpeter. The figures are Tank and Stalingrad.
It’s not exactly a new work but it’s something I wanted to show here. Hope you like it.
Thanks a lot.



Fantastic. Looks great from all angles and the detail captures the scene perfectly.
To many lovely details to mention but I like the oil build up in the final drive housing, very realistic and the thrown impact soil covering the fender area.

Very nice scene really realistic and fantastic details I like the toolbox

Great overall concept and execution on everything! The damage and the removed parts really stand out and the interaction is very easily understood. Nice going!

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Johnny, Micke and Jerry. Thanks a lot guys! :+1:

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Great job, tells the story very well – I just worry about the overhanging elements waiting malevolently for a passing sleeve or feather duster… :tumbler_glass:

Nice tight scene. I particularly like all the junk lying about. :+1: :+1:

Dioramartin and Armorsmith - Thank you Sirs! :+1:

Very cool build man , simple and very effective as an instantly acknowledged situation of a snapshot in time !!

Thanks, Cheyenne! :+1:

Very nice interaction between figures and great attention to detail all round. You’ve created a very realistic presentation. Nicely done!:beer:

Thank you very much Mike!

Beautiful scene, so well done !

Thanks metalhead85! :+1:

Hi, 18bravo!
Thanks for the good words! The mine explosion has damaged the front suspension set, the road wheels, the sproked wheel and probably one of the transmission’s final drive toothead gear. When the transmission is brocken or blocked the only way to get out of there is by shorting the tracks as they are in the picture below of the Jagdpanzer IV Lang (Zwischen Lösung), and towing the vehicle.

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