Esci 1/35 BMP in Ukraine

scratch built a bit of interior and opened up this vary basic kit. Sorry for the Picture quality


Battle damage looks realistic….nice work!

This is first class in my opinion, the rust around the impact is very well done.

Very well done. Put together really well, and the impact and burn out look terrific… Rust shading really brings it altogether and looks totally realistic :+1:

Very nice, I really like what you’ve done here Joe @joepanzer. Nice compact little vignette that speaks for itself as soon as you see the battle damage . . somebody won’t be coming home.

Cajun :crocodile:

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

Looks really good. Nice job on it.

Nothing wrong with those by pics at all. A top class finish for an old kit like this. You’ve captured the look of the damage nicely and the open hatches and bits of equipment scattered around help to show it’s been abandoned.

Very nice. Good job on the battle damage and rust. These are surprisingly hard to get right.


Nice work.

Thanks everybody!!