ESCI French Mirage IIIC update

Update. This kit went South on me. So I ended up scrapping it. The good news is. I replaced it with HOPEFULLY a much Better kit

Isee… there needs to be some filling and sanding done on the upper side.

I understand… some kits are simply too much to handle, and our patience is not enough.
So they end up in the bin…

Thanks it’s frustrating, because I took my time, tried to make sure everything fit properly. But in application it Failed. So Yeah I ended up tossing it. The one I purchased to replace it, I Hope will work out better.

It happened to me with an A-Model kit, a Yak-27 1:72.
We take our time, well in my case, most of the time was correcting the kit and trying to see if things fit… A nightmare to be honest.

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Well, the HB kit in comparison has a better cockpit, afterburner area, wheel wells, armaments, recessed panel lines…. I’ve built an ESCI Mirage and have the HB Mirage IIICJ in my stash for comparison. I just can’t comment on fit of the HB kit yet… But yeah, it’s sure looks way better…

I TRY to Make sure that I take my time. And make sure everything fits. But I’m finding that some of the older models were not manufactured very well. Though I admit I messed up one model so bad that I tossed it as well GGGRRR. I get sort of crazy if I can’t or don’t finish a model I want to try again.

Hi Stickpusher. Thank you for the information. I looked at the HB kit after I received it in the mail, it doesn’t look much different than the ESCI kit. Except for being longer. And the cockpit looks better detailed. A few more weapons than the ESCI. I probably won’t start on it for awhile, since I have several other projects in front of it. But I hope it will go together better than the ESCI kit. I will let you know