Estate Collection… any ideas?

Came across this post this evening in a facebook group. The OP’s recently deceased husband appears to have been quite the avid builder of WWII era armor. Appears to be the better part of 100+ completed but unpainted (?) kits, as well as many unfinished… She is interested in donating the collection, as was her husband’s wish.

Anyone have any ideas how or to whom she might do this? Any clubs or shops have ideas?

Firstly i would like to pass on my condolences & thoughts to the family & friends, there looks like some great looking work there & many many hours spent!!

How about doing a 3-way split, donate to school / youth groups to bring young so into the hobby & teach them history & patience?

A veteran’s support / rehab group to help with PTSD / injury rehabilitation & such??

A senior citizens group / home to help with manual & mental dexterity as well as subjects they maybe know of first hand or learnt about from their dads who were veterans of WW2??

Just my two cents worth, I have thought of doing the same to groups here in Aussie & back home in New Zealand.
Best of luck & very kind regards


More difficult with them being built but not painted.

Click the link for more information
Regions and Chapters - Armor Modeling & Preservation Society to contact SoCal or Pendleton clubs. They might have some better local ideas.

Another resource is to contact Mark.

Things we have done in the past, give items to members, sell at model contests (donate money back to family). It was tough to sell unstarted or paint only on the sprue kits.

You can try rehab or senior groups but without a prior working relationship that will be difficult. My buddy runs a kits for veterans group and it’s hard to get in the door to help (covid aside) with the rules, it’s a “protected club” so a regular joe has an issue just donating.

The sad harsh truth is most of that collection will probably be found at the trash dump.

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Two great clubs in that area, the above mentioned OC IPMS, and then there is So. Cal. AMPS. I was a member in both until I moved to Arizona last year. There are plenty of guys there who will help out.


Both groups are also on Facebook for easy contact.


It would appear this has been handled. Thanks for the ideas everyone, I know OC AMPS was in touch with her. :+1:t2:

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Very glad to hear it has turned out well, I am sure Bob’s looking down & happy as he can be.

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My stash will be entombed with me for the afterlife :wink: