ETO US General

I want to convert my Patton figure to a more generic US general. There are no aftermarket heads with US officer hats, but there are those with overseas caps. Would a US general wear one, and what would it look like>

Here’s Ridgeway wearing one. You could also just use a helmet if you’re stuck.

Edit: 4th image that comes up on Google is old Blood and Guts him self in an overseas cap.

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Depends on where they were. HQ, visiting the front line etc
When you’re a general you wear what you want, including a steel helmet.,_United_States_Army#/media/File:American_World_War_II_senior_military_officials,_1945.JPEG

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Thanks. I have the Shelby Stanton book, but it wasn’t clear about that.

Even this guy wore one sometimes

Think of your generic general, the location and time of year, and the situation that he will be in. Some are very low key and look close to their soldiers in cleaner versions of field uniforms, and others are peacocks in distinctive uniforms.

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