European barn

This one will look real familiar to a lot of folks. Thought I would try my hand using Martin Kovac’s (Uncle Night Shift) barn as inspiration.

Thanks for checking it out. Any ideas or comments on upgrades always welcome!


Looks sharp

I thought it looked familiar! Nice job!

As soon as I saw it, I thought of Uncle Night Shift. Great job. That off-center upper window is a nice touch.

My God Rick that is gorgeous. It looks like a Hollywood set. Just stunning.

Thanks everyone for taking a moment to take a look or comment, much appreciated!

Wow!!! Its made so well I thought it was Martin’s for a sec!

Nicely done Rick .
Beautiful architectual elements !!

Lovely piece Rick- the wood is really nicely finished so it looks suitably weathered and worn and the brick walls look fantastic too.

Awesome work. Wish had that much talent, but I’m still a long way of from that.

:+1:t2: Well done.


Nice one - what are you going to put with it?

Yep, that’s a great work! /Erik

looks real nice to me ! maybe a cow and a couple chickens?

Nice work Rick ! I agree, a couple of critters to add a little life to your outstanding project.
Thanks for sharing !

Thanks again to everyone who has commented. I really like the idea of a couple of chickens scratching around. Of course the one thing I DON’T have in my pile of unbuilts is any kind of barnyard set or critters. I’ll see what I can dredge up online that can get to me quick. Planning on going to Vegas with it but I’m running short of days. (Getting a bit anxious for the Nats so not a bad problem at all!)