Export Abrams :Saudi M1A2 and Egyptian M1A1

Looking to add a Saudi M1A2 and Egyptian M1A1 ro my collection anyone know what thier respective markings look like



Egyptian M1A1 tanks.



Royal Saudi M1A2 Abrams; abandoned and captured by Houthi rebels in Yemen. Most have a single “N” on the side or have what I assume is the badge of the Royal Armored Corps.

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Star decals produces a set for Egyptian T-55/T-62 with large numbers in Arabic that can be used for an Egyptian Vehicle, set no 35878

Egyptian vehicles usually have a large number on the turret with a unit badge and number plates on the front and rear fenders

Have you figured out which kit can be used to build the Egyptian one?


I’d figure the Tamiya M1A1 on the low end or the RFM M1A1 - 1991 would fit the bill for the Egyptian Abrams. The tanks are basically downgraded models without the “Chobham” armor. These tanks are locally build under license.

The Saudi versions are M1A2S. So a base M1A2 kit from Tamiya or Academy will fit the bill, unless you want to build an RFM M1A2.

One additional element to add would be the unit mark to the left of the numbers. Probably paint it or custom make it.

is that a red and green flag with a white 7?

It’s not a 7. It’s the numeral 6 in Arabic.

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Oh ok
Thank you for the clarification

A better picture of the Saudi Coat of Arms on the Saudi M1A2 Abrams.

I have that decal is that the only markings on a Saudi M1A2?

It seems to be more n the one in the photo.

Since Saudi M1A2 came from a FMS were they painted in CARC 686A sand ?
Also would Iraqi M1A1 also be painted in CARC 686A sand?

Yes. All Iraqi Abrams are painted in CARC 686 tan.

Would Egyptian M1A1 be painted in the color used by the Egyptian Army or in CARC 686A ?

Egyptian color.

Ok good Ak make that color

I Picked up those decals you recommended got one more question does the Egyptian M1A1 have anti slip coating?

It does, in the same areas as a US vehicle has.