External tool storage on AFV's, how do you weather the tools?

External tool storage on AFV’s, how do you weather the tools?

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I like to weather the contact areas on the metal portions of shovels, picks, axes, etc. with bare metal areas showing thru the paint. The wood portions I sometimes do some wood showing through paint, or just faded/aged varnished wood handles. Then of course the vehicle’s mud and dust onto the tools a well.


Technique-process wise, I paint the tools in their base colors separately from the model.

While still separate, I’ll detail paint the wear areas with a dark rust, followed by lighter rust color(s). Next comes dark metallic and then final bright metallic highlights. Over all of this I’ll then add umber and sienna oil washes (typically burnt umber, burnt sienna and raw sienna in that order). So, the effect is what might be imagined as a “bullseye,” with the outer larger, darker rust areas with the inner areas contracting down through lighter rust to final bright, fresh bare metal. The washes tone down the contrasts and tie the colors together.

The tools are then added to the model and subjected to the same weathering as the rest of it to create continuity.

I don’t think there’s anything especially unique about this method, though.



Don’t be modest - your tools on this Sherman are the best I’ve ever seen:


Thank you all for the input and especially the pictures and link! That’s awesome!

Carlos, thank you for the general outof process.

Michael, the Sherman & Panther tools look great and are very inspiring.

Bravo18, much appreciated.


For what it’s worth, here are some US Pioneer Tools that I’ve done-up in the past…

US GPW 1/4t 4x4 (Mod. 1942) Jeep

• Plain and simple handle version: Vallejo Old Wood (70.310)


US Diamond T 968A w/open cab

• Handles: Vallejo New Wood (70.311) + Mahogany (70.846) for grain.
• Blades: Scuffed-up and then highlighted with Vallejo Dark Steel Pigment (73.123)

Cheers! :hammer_and_wrench:


Here is a bit of my work… tools weathered by themselves, but the tank not yet. OD painted tools, with wear on metal and wood areas.

Then once the tank itself is fully weathered… as dusty as the surrounding areas